Connecting Literary Professionals


Our mission is to be the number one resource for authors in DFW.  To do that we offer content assistance in the way of Bex Book Coaching and Golden Rule Editing who also book coaches.  We offer Beta readings, we offer support with ARC and the Three Act Structure.  We offer editing services and cover design with our publishing company Easton Books. We offer webinars and classes to put everything together.  Then we match up our literary professionals with our authors to provide rich content for readers. 

Our platform is designed to provide authors with connections to contractors such as: 

  • Illustrators
  • Editors
  • Cover Designers
  • Formatters
  • Coaches
  • Publishers
  • Agents
  • and all literary professionals. 

Our goal is to connect professionals with the authors who need them. In addition to networking, we have designed fun, intellectual gatherings for like-minded individuals in a social type setting to interact, share, support and encourage.  We will host a variety of events including networking, "tea-time," one on one meetings to face challenges head on, instruction, and all kids of support.  Our annual Writer's Retreat is not to be missed. Please feel free to check our online calendar to see the upcoming events, and if at any time you would like to participate in the festivities please subscribe to our email and consider becoming a founding member.